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The Sustainable Poultry Network offers workshops, seminars, and full classes in a wide range of topics regarding sustainable farming with poultry. Workshops, seminars and clinics are taught by the very best instructors and poultry specialists in the country.

Instructors include: Jim Adkins – Sustainable Poultry Specialist, Dr. Ken Anderson, Poultry Specialist of NC State, Joe Hampton, Superintendent of the Piedmont Poultry Research Station and Bill Pierson DMV, PhD – Virginia Tech, Avian Poultry Veterinarian, breeder/author Don Schrider, national heritage chef, Steve Pope, Gary Sikes, owner of Bountiful Harvest Farm, Jonathan Bostic, owner of East of Eden Farm and Jeff Mattocks of Fertrell! Other instructors will be added in different locations of the coaching clinics.

Raising Heritage Poultry for Profit and Pleasure- Southern Oregon Area

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Raising Heritage Poultry for Profit and Pleasure- Southern Oregon Area
May 29, 2014 9:00 am
May 29, 2014 5:00 pm
Jim Adkins
January 28, 2014
OSU Extension Auditorium, hosted by Kyle Reilly and Maud Powell, OSU. 541-776-7371.
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569 Hanley Road, Central Point, OR, 97502, United States

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Workshop Overview:

Have you ever tasted a farm-fresh egg or freshly-harvested chicken?  Many people are now raising their own poultry for personal use or for sale, making this an exciting time in the poultry industry. The marketplace for historical, heritage breeds of poultry is growing rapidly.  Would you like to learn about standard bred poultry?  Learn how to breed and reproduce heritage poultry for eggs and  meat! Learn about sustainable breeding, and how to market poultry products in stores, restaurants, and in your community!  Learn what breeds are on the verge of extinction and how you can be a part of their preservation!  During this workshop, you’ll learn how to iden­tify breeds, how to select and breed them legally and safely, how to create an envi­ronment for maximum, natural production, and finally, how to strategically market your poultry for a small farm profit.

Every year during the holiday season, more and more families are looking for a historical, standard bred, locally grown turkey to purchase and cook for their Thanksgiving and Christmas meals!  A turkey that is true to the breed can naturally reproduce and is treated humanely on the farm where it is raised!  The demand for these birds is increasing all the time.  In this workshop you will learn about the history of commercial/industrialized turkeys verses heritage turkeys.  You will also learn about the opportunities and necessities as you consider raising these birds on your local farm.  We’ll discuss how to choose your breed, prepare your pasture and look at facility options for your flock.  You’ll learn the basics of brooding poults – dealing with heat, feeding, watering, pastures, proper fencing and even how to deal with predators.  The workshop will end with wonderful secrets to marketing your products, planning for profit, and building a sustainable farming program with your flock.    

Cost & registration:

Registration includes training materials and lunch: $69.00 for Pre-registration due by Friday, May 23rd.  After May 23rd,  the registration fee is $89.00. (a minimum of 10 must register in advance)

Register online below, or:

Mail checks to: Center for Poultry – 642 Moffitt Hill Road – Old Fort, NC 28762.

For more information contact: or call 209.890.5326.

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