Workshops & Seminars

The Sustainable Poultry Network offers workshops, seminars, and full classes in a wide range of topics regarding sustainable farming with poultry. Workshops, seminars and clinics are taught by the very best instructors and poultry specialists in the country.

Instructors include: Jim Adkins – Sustainable Poultry Specialist, Dr. Ken Anderson, Poultry Specialist of NC State, Joe Hampton, Superintendent of the Piedmont Poultry Research Station and Bill Pierson DMV, PhD – Virginia Tech, Avian Poultry Veterinarian, breeder/author Don Schrider, national heritage chef, Steve Pope, Gary Sikes, owner of Bountiful Harvest Farm, Jonathan Bostic, owner of East of Eden Farm and Jeff Mattocks of Fertrell! Other instructors will be added in different locations of the coaching clinics.

Upcoming Events

March 23, 2015 – March 27, 2015

Sustainable Poultry School, Marion NC

We are excited to announce our third year of our (5) day sustainable poultry school. And we are honored to partner with the DRYDEN POULTRY INSTITUTE (DPI) Educational Foundation. This year we are adding several hours to the school. Together we are committed to raising standard bred poultry and equipping young farmers to breed, grow and market sustainable flocks of standard bred poultry.

Start: March 23, 2015 8:00 am
End: March 27, 2015 5:00 pm
Venue: EQUIP International Headquarters
126 Rockhouse Rd., Marion, NC, 28752, United States
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